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You can fill out the appointment form to the right to request an appointment at DayOne with one of the DayOne healthcare providers.
This request is IDEALLY for you to use if you have at least a day or more before you want an appointment at DayOne. If you have an URGENT health problem or want an appointment today or early tomorrow, please call the office directly.
We will call you after we receive your request. Please provide a phone number where we may best reach you.
New patients may also want to visit our forms page to download, print, fill out and bring to your appointment.
You may also be able to find an answer to a question(s) you may have by visiting our frequently ask questions page.

Request An Appointment At DayOne

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DayOne is ALWAYS available for emergencies. If a family member is extremely ill and must go to the hospital we ask that you notify DayOne of the emergency and let us know when the person is on the way to the hospital. Our phone number is 269-969-6123 and is always attended.